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We bought the farm in August 2004, it was a dream come true for us – 170 acres of farmland, a great steading and no house!!

We lived in a caravan (where the summerhouse is now) for two years, the first six months without electricity.

A relation of ours, Ray Dawson, designed the house and the work began in April 2007 by a local building firm. We moved in in October 2007, the beautiful stonework began in August 2007 by local stonemasons Stuart Nichol and Colin Kelly and was complete in June 2008.

The Garden has been an ongoing project since then, please feel free to use it at your leisure.

West Barmoffity is a working farm, we keep beef cattle and sheep, so there may be activities going on during your stay (whether noisy or quiet!!), please be vigilant if out and about.

We dug the pond out in 2008, since then it has been a haven for wildlife, we have seen mallard, teal, canada geese, grey lag geese, oyster catchers, lapwings and mute swans. Each year we have had ducklings.

We are trying to create a habitat on the island, again this is an ongoing project and we welcome any ideas. We hope to dig another pond where there is a mass of rushes to encourage more wildlife.

We also see many red kites, a beautiful bird of prey, which was reintroduced in Galloway in 2001. You are almost guaranteed to see red kite if you head off on the Galloway Kite Trail.


Life on West Barmoffity is very much a family affair, both Michael and I were brought up on farms, my parents have a dairy farm and Michael’s were predominantly sheep.

Jack is just as keen on farming, he has every intention of making it his future.

West Barmoffity has to be worked by us all. I generally do the spring lambing, Jack does all the tractor work and Michael is head of cattle!


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